Delirium X

‘Shall we wait and see, what happens?’ You gotta give them time, you know. Give them time, take things slow. And then you gotta put them under pressure. Put someone under pressure, real pressure, and then you’ll know what they’re really like. Anyway. ‘Shall we wait and see, what happens?’ Just the head. I feel […]

Delirium IX

The itch under the skin.  I grab, scratch, claw. I peel the skin off. Will the meat soothe? Will the bone calm? Buy me a little bit of peace, will you? Buy me an escape. You can’t buy everything with money. Not if you don’t have change. Look at you, waiting for a savior. They […]

Delirium VIII

I do not understand, I do not understand. He-heh, did you think they couldn’t do it? No, I thought we couldn’t do it. Do what? Do nothing. No need to ruin the peace. But didn’t it all spring from chaos? Yes, that is why it is essential to not ruin the peace. But, but, but. […]

Delirium VII

It never snows where I live. It always does where I. How do you think Frost would’ve felt if he’d been frostbitten? Which Frost? Robert? Jack? Aren’t you sleepy? I’ll sleep when I die. Will I slip when I die? Will I die when I slip? ‘For the dead travel fast.’ How much farther do […]

Delirium VI

Your spark has died, sister. Perhaps you would like to light it up again? Rumpelstiltskin offers to help. Yah, sure, where are the matches? Do you have a lighter? Would you light my fire, sir? He laughs like that character from that cartoon. It shouldn’t be hard. You just have to think outside the box. […]

Delirium V

My hypocrisy sickens me. Fear, fear, fear, so encompassed by fear. Abominable, it nauseates me. I am no different. How do I, then, blame others for being the same way, for doing the same things that I do – hell, for not doing the same things that I do not do? Writing about the fifth […]

Delirium IV

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November’ Oh the snow globe! Oh the bell jar! I wait for it to burst, I wait for it to shatter, to fall into pieces. Tiny little pieces of a tiny little puzzle that you try oh so hard to keep together. Your precious little puzzle with a precious little […]