Delirium VII

It never snows where I live. It always does where I. How do you think Frost would’ve felt if he’d been frostbitten? Which Frost? Robert? Jack? Aren’t you sleepy? I’ll sleep when I die. Will I slip when I die? Will I die when I slip? ‘For the dead travel fast.’ How much farther do […]

Delirium VI

Your spark has died, sister. Perhaps you would like to light it up again? Rumpelstiltskin offers to help. Yah, sure, where are the matches? Do you have a lighter? Would you light my fire, sir? He laughs like that character from that cartoon. It shouldn’t be hard. You just have to think outside the box. […]

Delirium V

My hypocrisy sickens me. Fear, fear, fear, so encompassed by fear… Abominable, it nauseates me. I am no different. How do I, then, blame others for being the same way, for doing the same things that I do—hell, for not doing the same things that I do not do? Writing about the fifth of November… […]

Delirium IV

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November’… Oh the snow globe! Oh the bell jar! I wait for it to burst, I wait for it to shatter, to fall into pieces… Tiny little pieces of a tiny little puzzle that you try oh so hard to keep together. Your precious little puzzle with a precious little […]

Delirium III

Bug sprays do not work anymore. Ants crawling all over the place. Symbiosis, symbiosis, long-dreaded symbiosis… Has it started again? Should I try and find the undo button? Should I go for a retry? I keep having flashbacks. I keep zoning out. I do not sleep. ‘In a strange room you must empty yourself for […]

Delirium II

I won’t tell you. I won’t tell you anything about it. Because I don’t know. I scratch my head, something inside itches. I stay mad at the men I was with for reasons uncertain. I tell people that I don’t hold a grudge. I also tell them that I don’t forget. Patient.  Be patient. I […]

Delirium I

‘Death, be not proud’ ‘Death, be not proud’ ‘Death, be not proud’ Death… Drip drip drip drip drip, drops of death fall down from the ceiling. I sit still on my chair, in front of my desk. I keep my door locked. I plan not to get out. I plan to write. Notes from Underground. […]